A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Version l.0 is Out Now!

Bond: Wish of the Forest is an action packed roguelite creature collector about making friends and fighting alongside them. 

Work together to rid the forest of evil spirits and save your home. Explore procedurally generated levels, find powerful upgrades, strengthen your bond with creatures, and uncover the destructive spirit's true intentions.

This game is being made as part of University of California: Santa Cruz's game design capstone series.


Note: Game is still in progress. Follow us to stay up to date!

Known Bugs

  • Player is unable to interact with any menus after beating the game
    • We recommend closing the game via Task Manager or other means
  • Sometimes the player respawns and cannot move
    • There is currently no known way to unfreeze. We recommend closing the game and reopening.
    • Please make a new Community Topic and let us know if you died in the Tutorial or during a run and approximately when in the tutorial/run you died in.
  • MacOS has some missing texture / audio issues
    • Please make a new Community Topic and let us know where you encountered it, a screenshot if possible, as well as your particular version of MacOS. This will help us figure out what's wrong!

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and run the "BondGame" application


Bond_v1.0_Windows.zip 106 MB
Bond_V1.0_MAC.zip 110 MB

Development log


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